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Deer herd production is evolving into a substantial animal agriculture market. As commercial deer production practices evolve, the nutritional program must continue to develop as well. The nutritional program for commercial deer herds

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Purina Mills

Purina Deer Feeds

New and Improved AntlerMax® Premium deer feed now contains twice the amount of proprietary AntlerMax® Protein as the 2012 formulations and an enhanced AntlerMax® Mineral Technology mineral package with improved levels and ratios.Research-proven

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Milan Center Deer & Elk Feeds

We make bagged feeds in our mill as well as custom mixes in bulk.Deer Texturized Deer & Elk

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White Gold

White Gold Minerals are a combination of a powerful attractant as well as a nutritional supplement.White Gold Minerals are known for attracting deer almost immediately after application. Its key ingredients are irresistible to

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