Chaffhaye Special

Chaffhaye special Buy 5, Get 1 Free.

A premium bagged, non-GMO alfalfa sold in 50 pound bags. Chaffhaye undergoes a natural fermentation. So, that transforms the raw alfalfa into a super digestible forage. Enriched with yeast, enzymes, and beneficial micro-flora that aid digestion as well as absorption of its nutrients by the animal. In addition, it is a multi-species product good for horses, cattle, goats, sheep, chickens, deer, llamas and alpacas. Ease of storage, reduction of vet bills, and zero waste are just a few of its benefits
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Case Pricing

Generally 12 or more of a product will get you case pricing. It varies from product to product. Some exceptions apply. Please contact us with questions regarding our case pricing special.  Contact Milan Center Feed and Grain