Grain Elevator
  • Custom Mixing, Grinding and Cracking
  • Liquid Molasses Application
Full Service Solutions
  • Delivery Available
  • Drive-Thru

Specialized Product Lines
  • Bulk or Bagged Feeds
  • Full Service Feed Dealer
  • Animal Health Products
Pond Management
  • Windmill and Aerator Installation
  • Pond Programs
  • Aquatic Weed Identification
Experienced Consulting
  • Equine and Dairy Specialists to visit your farm upon request and formulate a nutrition plan to suit the individual needs of your animals
  • Soil Testing
  • Lawn and Garden Programs
  • Forage and Cover Crop Planning
Seasonal Events
  • Chick Days
  • Ready-To-Lay Pullet Days
  • Fish Days – Pond Restocking
  • Seminars
  • Hay Auctions