Critter's Craving Wild life Mix Sample

Critter’s Craving Wildlife Mix

Manufacturer: Milan Center Feed & Grain

Weight: 20lb

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Shelled Corn, Black Oil Sunflower, In Shell Peanuts

Milan Center custom mixes all the wild birdseed mixes in the MCFeeds line. Each mix is blended onsite usually every week or two.

Wild Bird Rewards – This is a loyalty program that all customers can participate in at no charge. That is right and it is free! The points you earn never expire. That is great for those that only purchase birdseed a few times a year. For each $10 that you spend, earn 1 point. Redeem your points for $5 off once you have earned 10 points or $20 off once you have earned 25 points. Senior Day Tuesdays – If you are 60+ years and buy your bird items on Tuesday, you earn 2 extra points. Minimum of $10 must be purchased.

Provide your email when you join and we will email you once a month with the birdseed of the month mentioned in our newsletter. Provide your birthday with your email and you will receive a coupon during your birth month.